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Why Join 2 Tier Affiliate Programs?

Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

If you run a website with traffic, you can make money by having links to
merchants' online stores on your site. When someone goes through your
links into the store of a merchant, and makes a purchase, you earn
commission from the sale. Some merchants also pay for leads or clicks.

Affiliate marketers every where are cashing in on the huge amounts of
money to be made with affiliate marketing. Even if you do not have a
website you can utilize becoming an affiliate of any given company. Of
course if you have a website, you will be able to optimize your website
for maximum search engine placement, in return you will see a huge
increase in affiliate income.

How do I find the best affiliate programs?

To start off with, if you are going to run affiliate programs on a
website, you should look for programs that are similar to your website
content. Your visitors are at your website looking for something
specific, so you should make sure that any program you are promoting is
going to be of interest to your visitors.

Example: If you run a pet related website, you want to seek pet related
affiliate programs to maximize your marketing efforts. Selecting programs
that offer pet products or pet services that your visitors would be
interested in. Adding affiliate programs such as long distance calling
cards or credit cards will not perform as well as a pet training book or
pet clothing would. Why? Because your site traffic is looking for pet
info in particular, therefore you need to run affiliates that offer
something those visitors would be interested in.

What do I look for when selecting an affiliate program?

The first and most important thing to look for is the products or
services. There is no need to join a program that you will never run or a
program that offers bad services. A great starting point is to look for
affiliate networks. These are great especially if you plan on running
more than one website. Affiliate networks typically offer several
different programs a webmaster may join. Most let you see a directory of
the merchants in the network before you join. Commission Junctions, Link
Share, and Click Bank are 3 large affiliate networks that offer several

Second, you need to look at the commission rate to determine if it is
even worth your time. In addition to the commission rate, pay close
attention to the dollar amount that you’ll get per sale or action. For
example, 20% commission on a $100 product is $20, while 50% commission on
a $5 product is only $2.50. So, knowing what you will be given in
exchange will make selecting much easier!

Does the company offer tracking?

Being able to check your stats are very important. Most legit affiliate
programs will allow a webmaster to view stats at any given time. being
able to view your stats will allow you to see what ad's are performing
the best and what ad's are not performing. You will also be able to view
your click thru's and sales with affiliate tracking.

Being able to track your stats will allow you to work the programs that
are doing the best and help you decide what programs to stop running, so
you can focus on the ones that are making the most!

Where do I place affiliate links on my website for the best results?

For the last 7 years of affiliate marketing I have found that placing ads
above the fold of my websites perform very well and also in my content.
Google AdSense is a great program to run in content, as google will
deliver related ads. I always place Google ads to the left of any article
or content and also 1-2 paragraphs down. This technique has worked very
well for me.

These several questions will help you a great deal when searching for
affiliates to deal with. Once you have mastered seeking the right
affiliates you can begin working them into your website!


A Successful Affiliate Program

Darren Power

In Mourning for the Google Cash System

March 19, 2005

Do you remember when you could pick an affiliate program, hustle up a few
hundred keywords toss it all into your Adwords account & wait for the
commissions. No me neither! I was busy doing something else during those
glory days.

If it ever was that easy it certainly isn't any more, there's a lot of
competition & intense bidding for keywords. There are big corporations
bidding on anything that moves & paying tens of thousands of dollars
every month for number one listings.

Just in case you weren't getting the message. Google changed the rules.
Now Google will only list one ad for each domain name in any given set of
results. If you've ever searched for something obscure and found three or
four ads telling you it can be found on eBay you will understand why they
did this. The result of this change is that you almost certainly now need
your own website to succeed.

But never fear, there are still opportunities for the little guy to earn

You just need a plan to maximise revenue from everything that you do and
from every visitor that passes through your online real estate.

Here are my top five tips steps for maximising income from affiliate

#1 Sell to a niche. I know you've heard that message a thousand times
before. There are hundreds of guides to niche marketing online and you
might be forgiven for thinking it's just the latest big hype. But the
fact is if you choose a small market you can focus your product more
precisely on your target market. If you get this right more of your
visitors will think that your recommendation was written just for them
and for their situation. The result? More of your visitors will buy.

#2 Always collect contact details from your visitors, if they don't buy
today many will buy tomorrow or the day after. If you have a responsive
mailing list, you have an asset that can earn you money on demand. All
lists start small and small lists can earn big money.

#3 Once you have their mailing details keep in touch, don't let these
people forget who you are. Certainly don't only send them mail when you
have something to sell. Send them freebies and news as well. Build a
relationship, tell them about your life, be their trusted friend.

-- Side Bar-

I read a post on a forum a while back about a guy who had been promoting
an affiliate program for about a year. Then the program decided they
didn't want affiliates any more. This guy calculated that he had sent
over 10,000 paying customers to the merchant over the course of the year.
Now he had lost a whole revenue stream and had no way to earn from his
past efforts.

If only he had kept in touch with these people by collecting names and
mail addresses and keeping in contact, he would probably have made more
sales along the way but better still he could now contact them and tell
them about another great product.

-- End Sidebar--

#4 Upsell your list. If they didn't buy initially then keep reminding
them of the benefits of the product. If they still don't buy after later
mails sell them something else. If they were buyers of the initial
offering then upsell them on something bigger and more expensive.

#5 Don't stop. Never stop sending mail to your list and don't leave it so
long between mails that they forget who you are. Keep sending useful
information every week, build a rapport with them. Do this right and they
will come to trust you like a friend and when their friend recommends
something they will buy it.If they don't want to hear from you any more
they will use the unsubscribe link. Don't assume they are all sold out. A
good list is good for as long as you maintain it. Which can be until the
day you retire.

Build your business right and you will be building an asset that will
keep you for the rest of your life.

One great benefit to taking the long term view instead of immediate
profits is that you will be in a better position to compete in the PPC
marketplace. If the goal of your campaign is to build a list as opposed
to making a profit then you can bid higher and run a break even campaign.

Would you like a free subscription to a monthly magazine dedicated to
affiliate marketing? Visit

Darren Power is your host at where you will find news of
the latest Internet Marketing products along with reviews, articles and
free resources Affiliate Program

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Build a List To Ensure Long Term Income

What is a Niche Market Anyway?

Monique Hawkins

You are interested in starting a home-based business. You also want to
use the Internet for your work-at-home idea. However, you are not sure if
you can make money online. To make matters worse, you are confused about
what home-based business opportunity to pursue.

If this sounds like you, rest assured that money can be made online with
a home-based business. You don't need to study for years until you can
reap rewards. There are sound business concepts that have been taught and
proven to be true by some of the most highly successful marketers in the
world. What is the top sound principle that will ensure your success? It
is choosing the right niche market.

You might be wondering what is a niche. A niche is simply a group of
people with similar interests and needs. They are very passionate about
their topic of interest. Think of a small pond packed with starving fish
and you have the bait specific to their needs; they will like what you
have to offer the best. This, in essence, is a niche.

Why a niche market? Well, unless you are a huge corporation with
bottomless pockets, niche marketing is the way to go. You see most of the
large corporations blow off niche markets because they are not trying to
make an additional $1000 to $15000 per month like many home-based
business entrepreneurs and other small business owners. They are seeking
to make millions per month, which is good for you because you don't have
to compete with those companies that have massive marketing budgets.

It really is easy to find potential customers in niche markets. Here are
some examples:

Motor Home Owners - Carpet Cleaner Business Owners - Restaurant Owners -
Winter Camping Enthusiasts - Siamese Cat Owners - Dentists - Landscape
Company Owners

You get the picture.

Before you decide which niche market to target for your home- based
business, here are four important points to consider:

1. Is the market easily defined and reachable? Do you know where they
hangout? What kind of trade journals or publications do they read? Do
they have clubs or are members of particular organizations?

2. Is the market small enough that you will not have tons of competitors,
but still large enough for you to make a good profit?

3. Does the market have the money to spend?

4. Does the group have an insane passion for their hobby or topic of
interest? Do they eat, sleep, and breathe their hobby? Are they
constantly seeking more information related to their subject? A great
example of this would be golfers and NASCAR enthusiasts!

Doing research related to these questions will help you pick the perfect
niche market for your home-based business.

As you think about starting a home-based business and what market to
target, follow the above suggestions and you will be way ahead of many
other home-based business opportunity seekers who want to start a
work-at-home business.

Monique Hawkins is the small business owner of the online music box
store, "Monique's Music Box" located at She
enjoys sharing information with business owners that will help them
attain success. For additional exciting information about how Funded
Sponsoring Franchise Systems are Revolutionizing the Home Based Business
Industry?Whether You Have a Business or You're Looking for One visit

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